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Get complete online protection in one brilliantly simple app. Protect up to 5 devices with a single subscription.

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F-Secure Total
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Identity Theft Protection
Identity Protection
Banking Protection
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Malware, Antivirus and Software Security
Covers up to 5 Devices
Parental Controls
Online Protection
Password Manager
Wi-Fi Scan & Alerts
Online Management
Browsing & Privacy Protection

Total Peace of Mind Online

Our lives are filled with digital moments.
F‑Secure Total makes securing those moments brilliantly simple.

Your money — protected

Create yourself a completely safe environment for banking, surfing and shopping online.

Stop malware with top-rated anti­virus soft­ware

Cyber criminals use ransom­ware, spyware, info­stealers and other malware as tools to make money.

Your online privacy belongs to you

We all have a digital foot­print. With F‑Secure Total’s unlimited VPN service, you can choose who can see yours.

Protect your personal data online

Prevent identity theft as F‑Secure Total monitors your personal data and helps you avoid weak or reused pass­words.

Make the internet safer for kids

Children need guidance and protection when exploring the digital world.

Optimize your gaming experience

Turn on Gaming Mode for an uninterrupted online gaming experience.

Complete online protection in a single app

F‑Secure Total works across different operating systems and devices. Protect your Windows PCs, Macs, and Android or iOS smart­phones and tablets with one brilliantly simple app.

Keep your devices safe from viruses and ransom­ware and protect your money online.
Browsing protection
Parental controls
Encrypt your connection, stop hackers and trackers, and browse safely on public Wi‑Fi networks.
Privacy protection
Wi‑Fi protection
Virtual location
Identity protection
Store your pass­words in a secure vault and monitor your personal information online.
Identity theft help
Password manager
Online identity monitoring
It's up to you how you live your life.
It's up to us to protect it.