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There’s never been an opportunity quite like this.

Today, the relationship between life and work has become irreversibly blurred. There has never been a greater opportunity to start a new conversation about the best way to protect the information our world depends on.

Over two hundred million individuals around the world trust Lookout Life by F-Secure to safeguard their data wherever and however it moves.

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Help everyday individuals protect all aspects of their digital lives.

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This was a major life saver. My Social Security number was on the line and they pulled off the impossible. I called the 24 hour line and spoke with an agent and cleared it all up within 30 minutes.

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I love this app and service. It keeps me posted when my personal info has been compromised and makes appropriate recommendations to fix the issues. It's the only tool I trust.

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I have the Premium app on all my devices – not just mine, but my whole family. I also own a business with a “1-800” number attached to my phone, I would never have a device without Lookout protecting my personal information!

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