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Keep your privacy and your personal data safe with a single solution that automatically scans every site, link, and Wi-Fi network you connect to, blocking scams and risks before they can do you harm. It all happens quietly in the background, 24/7.

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The number of cyber threats is skyrocketing.

4 in 10
people encounter at least one unsafe URL on their phone every month.
suspected internet crimes were reported to the FBI in 2021, up 7% from 2020.
$6.9 b
was lost by victims of cybercrime in 2021, a 500% increase from 2016.
The rise in online scams from 2015 - 2022.
of people who reported a scam were targeted while browsing social media.

Waves of new threats can make security feel impossible.

With the increasing number of hackers, internet scammers, and Wi-Fi attacks, trying to protect your privacy and data can be overwhelming.

No one can anticipate every threat.

Even if you exercise the utmost caution, no one is immune from falling victim to a scam or attack.

Depending on built-in tools is what scammers hope for.

Relying on the protection that comes with your device still leaves gaps in your security for attackers to slip through.

Scammers are now creating fake versions of trusted apps and forging emails and texts from recognizable brands, hoping to trick us when our guard is down. In addition, hybrid work has greatly increased the odds of exposing personal and company data.

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Data breaches have compromised billions of personal records.

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Your digital information moves without boundaries or limits. Get security that moves with it.

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