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Lookout Life, our all-in-one personal digital protection app, provides comprehensive identity & financial protection by securing the data on your devices. Get alerts about dangerous activity and support, backed by insurance, if a data breach happens.

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Identity theft has been a common concern for many years, but the frequency of attacks has been skyrocketing.

the amount of money has been lost to identity thieves now versus back in 2019.
cases of identity theft were filed with the FTC in 2021.
1 in 3
Americans have faced some form of identity theft at some point in their lives.

You can’t control how businesses protect your data.

Unfortunately, this means you often don’t know if your information is vulnerable to identity theft & financial fraud until after damage has been done.

Organizations don’t always provide loss protection.

Cyber attackers are stealing people’s data at record rates, and personal losses aren’t always protected by the government, banks, or other authorities.

Your data might already be compromised.

If you lack the information and tools to take action quickly, the risk of identity theft increases dramatically.

Most security is incomplete and too complex.

Many options require customers to download and use multiple apps or software, leading to a confusing experience leaving people frustrated and exposed.

Whether purchasing online or in person, you can't guarantee the businesses you purchase from are making the same effort as you to keep your personal information safe. The data that companies collect from customers is more exposed than ever before.

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Data breaches have compromised billions of personal records.

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Your digital information moves without boundaries or limits. Get security that moves with it.

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